CSPs, Telcos & MNOs

Accelerate every stage of your CPaaS Business Development

Service and Technology Providers are working together through the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance to create mutual success in the fastest growing segment of the communications market:

  • Connect with and learn from other Alliance members
  • Build on best practices from industry experts and advisors
  • Grow by reaching new buyers through media and GTM partners

Building a Successful CPaaS Practice

CPaaS is complex and the best strategy is different for every provider, depending on such things as overall company strategy, internal organisation readiness and skills, partner/vendor relationships, the target market and relevant use cases, and go-to-market and customer success capabilities.


The Secret to Success

Building on the experience and expertise available from peers and experts, a programmatic approach with the right support can quickly lead to tangible results, which can then be further built on. Depending on the availability of required skills and experience, advisory support is often recommended or crucial.

Why should CSPs offer CPaaS?

CSPs and MNOs of every size are beginning to offer advanced customer experience solutions to their enterprise customers. These new offerings create stronger customer relationships while increasing margins and revenues.

CPaaS forms the basis of these solutions, combining voice, messaging, video, data and APIs with automation, AI and other services to enable seamless customer and employee experiences.

Because of their direct customer relationships and ownership of critical voice, messaging and data networks, CSPs and MNOs are in a unique position to offer these solutions today, while developing new Telco APIs for next generation networks.

Reaching CPaaS Nirvana

Developing an effective CPaaS practice requires a tight collaboration and alignment between strategy, technology, partnerships, product and go-to-market.


The type of CPaaS to offer, the solutions to develop and the markets to go after are different for every CSP.


It is essential to align and develop the internal organization, across business and technology, connecting to short and long term objectives.


Partnerships with the right CPaaS Enabler(s) and industry experts, as well as experienced developers and system integrators, need to be developed and depend heavily on the CPaaS use cases relevant in the target markets.


With objectives, technology and solutions in place (or under development), the go-to-market strategy is key to a successful CPaaS practice with impact.

Customer Success

Finally, customer success management, learning and providing feedback, makes all the difference and creates a crucial learning loop back to strategy.

Connect, Grow and Accelerate!