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At Cirkel, we bring together emerging SaaS and Telco operators from around the world, offering strategic expertise and technical guidance to help them shape next-generation solutions. Our commitment to results-driven outcomes benefits not only the platform and operators but also their valued customers. We are dedicated to fostering innovation and growth within the SaaS and Telco industries, building strong ecosystems, and delivering actionable insights to drive measurable success.

CPaaS Strategy

  • CPaaS Strategy Advisory: Offer expert guidance on the Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) strategy to capitalize on evolving communication technologies.
  • Vendor/Platform Selection: Assist in selecting the most suitable CPaaS vendor or platform to align with specific business goals.
  • Strategy Assessment & Due Diligence: Conduct comprehensive assessments and due diligence to ensure CPaaS strategies are on target.
  • GTM Strategy & Business Development: Create Go-to-Market strategies to launch CPaaS solutions effectively.
  • CSP CPaaS Workshops / Coaching / Programs: Provide workshops, coaching, and programs tailored to Telco operators, empowering them to succeed in the CPaaS landscape.


Marketing and Strategy

  • Marketing Plan Review: Thoroughly assess and optimize marketing strategies to reach the right audience and maximize impact.
  • GTM Assessment & Strategy Development: Develop Go-to-Market strategies tailored to the unique needs of emerging SaaS, CPaaS and Telco operators.
  • Channel Readiness Assessment & Activation Plan: Ensure efficient and effective channel strategies to expand market reach.
  • Industry Analyst Briefing Development & Coaching: Prepare operators for engaging with industry analysts, enhancing their industry visibility.
  • CMO-as-a-Service: Provide experienced Chief Marketing Officer expertise on demand to drive marketing excellence.


Customer Success

  • Customer Success Review: Evaluate existing customer success processes and identify areas for improvement.
  • Customer Success Assessment & Activation Plan: Develop strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty
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