Building a Successful CPaaS Practice

CPaaS is complex and the best strategy is different for every provider, depending on such things as overall company strategy, internal organisation readiness and skills, partner/vendor relationships, the target market and relevant use cases, and go-to-market and customer success capabilities.


The Secret to Success

Building on the experience and expertise available from peers and experts, a programmatic approach with the right support can quickly lead to tangible results, which can then be further built on. Depending on the availability of required skills and experience, expert support is often recommended or crucial.



Create the right CPaaS strategy for your business

KPN CPaaS 2023

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Go To Market

Customer Success

CSP CPaaS? Ready-Set-Go!

Alliance+Advisory+Academy = Acceleration

The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance provides all the tools and access your team needs to drive sales growth and customer success.

Create awareness through Alliance Media Partners, content marketing and industry events.

Connect with our industry analysts and research partners.

Engage our expert CRO & CMO advisors for research and strategy workshops including:

  • Marketing Plan Review & Development
  • Channel Sales Strategy Development
  • Industry Analyst Engagement
  • Sales Enablement Consulting
  • Customer Success Planning & Enablement


Increase awareness and adoption through members-only workshops.

Access exclusive industry research from top industry analysts.

Establish your brand as a thought leader and trusted advisor through branded training.