👀 Watch this demonstration of Generative AI helping customers learn more about an event using WhatsApp, and then seamlessly connecting them to a live human agent when it’s time to purchase tickets. ✨

Generative AI is helping companies:

👉 Increase business through conversational commerce
👉 Improve customer experience with rapid 24×7 support over WhatsApp, Website, SMS, and more
👉 Reduce operational costs by offloading common tasks and questions from live agents


00:00 – Introduction to CM.com
01:45 – How Generative AI works
03:10 – CM.com GenAI Engine
04:35 – How the demo is configured
06:00 – Asking questions about the event over WhatsApp
09:40 – Connecting to a live human agent to purchase tickets
11:55 – Business benefits of implementing Generative AI

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