🎙️CPaaSAA Talks with Pankaj Gupta @ EnableX

Join Kevin Nethercott from the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA) and Pankaj Gupta from EnableX as they dive deep into the upcoming BATIC 2023 event, CPaaS Showcase Challenge, and other exciting activities in the CPaaS industry.

In this insightful conversation, Pankaj sheds light on EnableX, a global player providing a full stack CPaaS platform, and its role in helping telcos and service providers offer white label communication APIs to their customers. Kevin and Pankaj discuss the transition of telcos to tech-cos, the importance of CPaaS, and why the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance is the perfect platform to bridge the gap between telcos and the CPaaS industry.

🔥Exciting Highlights:
– The exciting partnership between CPaaSAA and BATIC, including the CPaaS Showcase Challenge, an interactive event where contestants will present commercially available CPaaS products to an audience and a panel of luminary judges.
– A sneak peek into what EnableX might showcase as one of the contestants in the CPaaS Showcase Challenge.
– Pankaj’s travel itinerary, including the anticipation of exciting events in Paris, India, Singapore, Bali, and Amsterdam.
– The importance of the Asian market, home to two-thirds of the world’s population, thriving middle-class economies, and some of the most innovative telcos.

🌏Don’t miss this engaging conversation that sets the stage for the upcoming BATIC event in Bali, Indonesia, and offers a glimpse into the future of the CPaaS industry!

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📆 Upcoming Events:
– BATIC 2023
– CPaaS Showcase Challenge
– CASA23
– And many more!

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– CPaaS Acceleration Alliance: https://www.cpaasaa.com
– EnableX: https://www.enablex.io
– BATIC 2023: https://batic.events



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