In this engaging interview, Robert Galop, CMO of CPaaS Acceleration Alliance, chats with Tom Goodwin, founder of All We Have is Now, about the challenges technology companies face in being more customer-centric. They discuss the importance of understanding not only your customer but your customer’s customer, the shift in prioritization, and benchmarking against best-in-class companies. Tom emphasizes the need for businesses to rethink their KPIs and stresses the value of qualitative feedback. He also shares insights into how companies can transition to being more customer-focused and the significance of placing the customer at the center of every decision. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation that offers valuable takeaways for businesses looking to enhance their customer experience.


00:00 – Examples of successful tech company transformations
02:42 – Important KPIs for getting closer to the customer
04:10 – The importance of re-orienting towards the customer
06:40 – How to make the transition to be more customer-centric
10:48 – Where does customer-centricity live in the enterprise
12:55 – Designing from the customer’s perspective first
14:48 – The role of AI in customer experience and centricity



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