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Adnan Saleem, CTO of Software and Cloud Solutions at @RadiSys, filmed live at the CPaaS Acceleration Summit (CASA23). Dive into this enlightening discussion as Adnan delves deep into the groundbreaking shifts in the communication landscape.

🔍 Highlights:

– The forces driving the digital communication revolution: AI, ML, 5G, and programmable networks.
– A walkthrough of the CPaaS evolution: From its messaging roots to CPaaS 3.0
– Challenges facing the industry: Integrating technologies, the 5G optimization curve, and the imperative for securing emerging platforms.
– The game-changing potential of IMS data channels and the future of integrated communication.

Join us as Adnan shares his insights, emphasizing the need to think beyond traditional communication methods, and how rapid innovation is key to harnessing the vast opportunities ahead.

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