CPaaS 2.0
From Theory to Practice

In our CPaaSAA Showcase Challenges, part of various industry events throughout the year, we work with our members to show that nowadays there is so much more to CPaaS than messaging, 2FA and SIPtrunks. Other exciting use cases include smart IVRs, small business contact center functionality, intelligent omni-channel chat, voice or video authentication, virtual service agents, remote service, IOT, telehealth and so much more!

The idea here is to really take the theory out of CPaaS and to take it into a commercially viable conversation. We’re going to show things that are in service, services that people are buying and using. The CPaaS Showcase, featuring a competition between available solutions, will enable MSPs and CSPs to reimagine their businesses. CPaaS has emerged as the center of new opportunities and possibilities, especially in now critical areas such as creating great customer experiences.

In an American Idol style setting we give a number of teams, composed of a combination of CPaaS (platform) providers, CSPs and enterprises, 10 mins each to show their use case, describe the problem they’re solving and the solution created. These demos will then be judges on several criteria by a panel of judges and the audience, including innovation, ease of deployment, number of integrations and channels used, commercial relevance and overall presentation. Of course, there are exciting prizes for the winner(s)!