CPaaS Next Generation –
From Theory to Practice

In our CPaaS Showcase Challenges, organized at various industry events throughout the year, we work with our members to show that nowadays there is so much more to CPaaS than messaging, 2FA and SIPtrunks. Other exciting use cases include smart IVRs, small business contact center functionality, intelligent omni-channel chat, voice or video authentication, virtual service agents, remote service, IOT, telehealth and so much more!

The idea here is to really take the theory out of CPaaS and to take it into a commercially viable conversation. We’re going to show things that are in service, services that people are buying and using. The CPaaS Showcase Challenge, featuring a competition between available solutions, will enable MSPs and CSPs to reimagine their businesses. CPaaS has emerged as the center of new opportunities and possibilities, especially in now critical areas such as creating great customer experiences.

In an American Idol style setting we give a number of teams, from CPaaS (platform) providers, CSPs and enterprises, 10 mins each to show their CPaaS use case, describe the problem they’re solving and the solution created. These demos will then be judged on several criteria by a panel of judges and the audience, including innovation, ease of deployment, number of integrations and channels used, commercial relevance and overall presentation. Of course, there are exciting prizes for the winner(s)!

Participation in a Showcase Challenge is a great way for our Grow and Accelerate members to show the power of their solutions to a larger audience, and to get feedback from industry experts. To join in one of the upcoming Showcase Challenges for the events listed below
please submit your use case here!

CPaaS Showcase Challenges

iotum presents no-code 2-way video applications at the CPaaS Showcase Challenge during ITExpo 2023

September 1, 2023 1:43 AM

Watch iotum present their CPaaS solution with a focus on our innovative Video API during the CPaaS Showcase Challenge at ITExpo 2023. In this video, they outline the commercial relevance, ease of implementation, and innovative aspects of their Video API, which can be embedded into existing applications or websites to optimize your offering. They showcase real-life examples from healthcare to gaming, and demonstrate a live integration of the video application into an online poker game.

Discover how their solution powers telehealth communication solutions, and learn about our easy deployment process, security features, and full white-label solution capabilities. The iotum Video API is not just secure and easy to implement, but it is also flexible enough to fit a variety of use cases, from government and remote field services to customer experience and entertainment.

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The CPaaS Showcase Challenge at ITEXPO. Let's discuss!

February 25, 2023 9:46 AM

The CPaaS Showcase Challenge at ITEXPO. Let's discuss!

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Cloud Connections 2023 CPaaS Showcase

January 29, 2023 1:10 AM

In this podcast Haydn Faltyn, BroadSource CEO, talks to Doug Green, Telecom Reseller, and Kevin Nethercott, Managing Partner, CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA), about EMU SecureCall, which he demonstrated at the first ever CPaaS Showcase.

We are proud to announce that BroadSource was the inaugural CPaaS Showcase winner at Cloud Connections 2023. Judged by five industry leaders and the audience, contestants competed in an entertaining and insightful hour. Winners were judged based on innovation, ease of deployment, number of integrations and/or channels used and commercial relevance.

EMU SecureCall is a CPaaS application for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and card payment industries. SecureCall’s CPaaS Cloud integration can bring together UCaaS and card payment networks to facilitate secure payments by phone. API integration enables a business to secure the phone call between a customer and a merchant before the card payment can be made.

“Only a CPaaS based solution can achieve the level of connectivity required to secure card payments by phone economically, at scale, across thousands of CSPs and banking environments. A mass market problem, now has a solution.“ said Jason Thals, BroadSource COO.

ITEXPO CPaaS Showcase Challenge

February 25, 2023 6:41 AM

Just in case you missed it, here's a recap of the CPaaS Showcase Challenge organised by the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance at ITEXPO earlier this month.

Watch four of the CPaaSAA Members - Dora Bloom (iotum), Haitham El-Hanafi (SpeechLogix), Mark Diaz (Vinix) and Trent Dewey (Crexendo) - battle it out before a panel of industry legend judges (Jeff Pulver, Alan Percy, Jordan Rupar, Robert Galop, Kevin Nethercott) and learn about the amazing use cases CPaaS makes possible these days!

CPaaS ITEXPP Showcase IOTUM Podcast

February 11, 2023 3:05 AM

Imagine if an MSP or CSP were able to deliver to a customer, new video experiences that are a t a game changing level? In this podcast, Dora Bloom, CMO at Iotum, discusses the company’s new video conference API that leverages CPaaS to deliver video in places and in spaces that have until now been hard t reach or hard to develop without a large budget and an economy of scale. Bloom joins CPaaSAA’s Kevin Nethercott as we look iotum’s entry at the ITEXPO Showcase that will be held 2:45-3:45 PM, Tuesday, February 14, Room 301A/B. ...