CPaaSAA working groups are a cornerstone initiative filling critical GTM and Commercialization gaps for the communications industry.

CPaaSAA members participated in the launch of 5 impactful working groups at this year’s CPaaS Acceleration Summit in Amsterdam (CASA23). These groups serve as platforms where leaders can share strategic insights, develop impactful use cases, and curate valuable content to empower sales and marketing teams.

These working groups address five of the biggest topics in today’s communications industry:

  • Telco APIs
  • Communications Convergence
  • Security & Trust
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Women in CPaaS

Read on to learn how to take advantage of these working groups that touch every part of our industry, from Telcos and MVNOs, to CPaaS Providers, Enablers and Technology Vendors.

Telco APIs

Radisys & KPN

Telco APIs will grow to a $60B+ industry by 2030, but questions remain around how the industry’s technical efforts will turn into revenue.

The Telco API working group coordinates with Camara Project and the GSMA Open Gateway Initiative, adding a GTM and Use Case lens to these critical industry initiatives.

This group is identifying the use cases, customer value propositions and GTM strategies necessary to reach the industry’s full potential.

Communications Convergence

SIPPIO & Crexendo

The convergence of UCaaS and CCaaS, aided by CPaaS, promises a more streamlined and holistic approach to communication. This fusion can empower enterprises to offer groundbreaking customer experiences while optimizing operational efficiencies.

This working group is pioneering efforts to understand how the fusion of UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS and other platforms can redefine our industry.

Security & Trust

Infobip & TelcoBridges

From provider, to enterprise, to consumer, we have all been impacted by communications and data security issues.

This working group is addressing ever-evolving security challenges with the goal of fostering trust between communications providers, enterprises, and most importantly, their consumers.

Artificial Intelligence

The Good Data Factory

Artificial Intelligence will touch every corner of the communications industry – from operations, to customer experience, marketing, sales and product offerings.

This working group is diving into common use cases, the ethical application of AI and usage of data, and real solutions that will drive value for communications providers, enterprises and their consumers.

Women in CPaaS

Q Advisors & Sinch

As the tech landscape continuously evolves, so does the need for diversity in thought, experience and approach.

With influential leaders from companies like Iotum, BICS, GMS, and STL, this working group is setting the stage for fostering inclusivity and female leadership within the CPaaS industry.

Why Participate?


Establish yourself as an industry leader, spearheading discussions and best practices.

Key Contributor

Play a pivotal role in shaping the communications industry of tomorrow.


Address critical questions of Go to Market and Commercialization, which align with other influential industry initiatives.

Joining these working groups not only adds value to your organization but also casts a spotlight on you as a thought leader and key contributor to the communications industry. Our collective efforts will shape the narrative and redefine the future of communications.

If you’re a leader in the communications industry looking to make a significant impact and gain unparalleled insights, this is where you belong!

How to Join CPaaSAA Working Groups?

Accelerate Membership

Accelerate Members of the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance have an exclusive opportunity to create and lead CPaaSAA industry working groups.

Grow and Connect Membership

Grow and Connect Members of the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance have an opportunity to participate in and contribute to CPaaSAA working groups of their choice.

All CPaaSAA members have access to output from these working groups, including specifications, white papers, marketing collateral and sales enablement content.

View our membership options for more information. We look forward to pioneering the future of communication with you!


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