State of CPaaS 2023

16 May 2023

The 2023 State of CPaaS Report, crafted by the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance in collaboration with major analysts and key players in the industry, encapsulates the collective expertise and insights of thought leaders driving the next generation of CPaaS.

As the global communications landscape undergoes rapid transformation, this comprehensive report is an invaluable resource for businesses, telecom providers and other stakeholders seeking to understand the evolution of CPaaS and its potential impact on their future.

With the CPaaS market projected to grow from $16B in 2022 to over $100B by the end of this decade, grasping the opportunities and challenges in this fast-paced sector is crucial.

A Holistic View

This report stands out for its ability to synthesize input from a diverse range of industry experts, capturing a holistic view of the CPaaS market’s trajectory, opportunies, and challenges.

It also delves into the innovative approaches that are shaping the future of the industry, offering guidance on how to capitalize on emerging trends and technologies.

Here’s What We Cover

The report covers six topics, providing insights on various aspects of the CPaaS market:

Market Trends, Growth Drivers & Outlook 2030

  • An analysis of the current CPaaS landscape, its evolution and key players, offering a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics
  • A detailed examination of the factors propelling CPaaS growth and how the industry is expected to evolve over the next decade, reaching a market size of over $100B.

Macro-Economic Factors and Opportunities

  • An exploration of the broader economic trends shaping the CPaaS market and the opportunities they present for providers.
  • A discussion of untapped potential and emerging opportunities for businesses and service providers within the CPaaS ecosystem.

Challenges, Strategies and Innovative Players

  • An assessment of the potential hurdles CPaaS providers may face and the strategies they can employ to overcome these challenges and optimize growth.
  • A showcase of the trailblazing companies and novel approaches driving innovation in the CPaaS industry.

The secret of success

The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance is committed to disseminating this report through our members and media partners, at industry events and in our online activities.

By discussing its contents and engaging in meaningful dialogue we aim to drive our agenda for the coming months, ensuring that the most relevant and timely topics are at the forefront of the CPaaS conversation.

Join the Club

If you are a key player in the CPaaS space, or are looking to become one, joining the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance is a strategic move to stay ahead of the curve. Not only will you have the opportunity to contribute to this seminal report, but you will also benefit from being part of a network of industry leaders who are collectively shaping the future of CPaaS.

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