We’re excited to livestream a CPaaSAA Panel on Nov 8 featuring the top CPaaS analysts from Frost & Sullivan, IDC, and S&P Global, reflecting on the future of CPaaS as they see (and survey) it. What’s happening in the world of CPaaS and how can CSPs join in the action? And why should they?

A second panel will follow later this month where we will have three of the most influential original CPaaS founders together for an interesting look back on how all of this got started. Both panels will be hosted by Evan Kirstel, who will also take questions from CPaaSAA members.

CPaaSAA Kick-Off Analyst Panel

We are kicking off our first panel with an all star line up of the key analysts that have been tracking the CPaaS space for the last several years. We have Michael Brandenburg of Frost & Sullivan, Raul Castanon-Martinez of S&P Global (formerly 451 Research) and Courtney Munroe of IDC. Evan Kirstel will be moderating and streaming the panel live at 9:00am EST (2:00pm GMT, 3:00pm CEST) on Tuesday November 8th. It’s unique to get these 4 on stage together so we are super excited to have their support and participation!

Of course we’ll have an interactive and lively discussion, but some of the questions that will (probably) be addressed are:

  • What’s next for CPaaS? Is there more then messaging and 2FA?
  • How are telcos able to compete with the likes of Twilio? Should they even try?
  • Who are (the next wave of) enterprises looking to for help with programmable telecoms?
  • So far CPaaS has mostly been a large enterprise thing. What’s needed to address the needs of SMEs?
  • Do CPaaS providers need telcos to be successful in the long run?

What’s Next

The next CPaaSAA panel will take place on November 29th where we will have the Godfathers of CPaaS on stage with Evan. Stay tuned for details!

These CPaaSAA panels will lead into the CX Winter Series co-organized by SmartCom Summit and CPaaS Acceleration Alliance. A 10 week bonanza of interactive panels, interviews and keynotes about all things CX and CPaaS. Please check the event page for details and make sure to watch the live kick-off on Dec 13!


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