Following a very interesting analyst panel with IDC, Frost & Sullivan, and S&P Global this week, in our next session on Nov 29 we’ll look at lessons learned by three of the most influential original CPaaS founders as we learn about their journeys in building and selling their companies. Together, these Godfathers of CPaaS combine 25 years of CPaaS experience and telco innovation. Evan Kirstel will help lead the conversation that will surely be entertaining and insightful.

CPaaSAA Godfathers of CPaaS Panel

Never before have Jason Goecke (Tropo 2011-2015, sold to Cisco), Tony Jamous (Nexmo 2010-2018, sold to Vonage which in turn was sold to Ericsson this year) and Jean Deruelle (Telestax 2011-2021, sold to Mavenir) come together to look back on how all of this got started, what went well and what they would do differently if they had a chance to do it again.

Evan Kirstel will be moderating and streaming the panel live at 9:00 am EST (2:00 pm GMT, 3:00 pm CEST) on Tuesday, November 29th. It’s unique to get these four on stage together so we are super excited to have their support and participation!

Big Questions

Of course, we’ll have an interactive and lively discussion, but some of the questions that will (probably) be addressed are:

  • What happened in 2010 that caused all these CPaaS startups to pop up? What made you drop what you were doing back then and build a CPaaS?
  • Is CPaaS now where you thought it would be after the first 10 years? And what will the next decade of CPaaS look like?
  • What does a CPaaS provider look like now, and where do telcos and CSPs fit in?
  • Messaging drove the first wave, and currently, voice (BYOC) is a big thing. What are the next big use cases that you are excited about?
  • What are the opportunities for M&A as CPaaS matures and grows?

What’s Next

On Dec 13, the CX Winter Series co-organized by SmartCom Summit and CPaaS Acceleration Alliance starts. A 10-week bonanza of interactive panels, interviews, and keynotes about all things CX and CPaaS, ending with a meetup at MWC in Barcelona end of February. Please check the event page for details and make sure to watch the live kick-off on Dec 13!


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