Robert Galop recently sat down with Tom Goodwin, the founder of All We Have Is Now, to discuss customer centricity and its impact on technology companies. They talked through the importance of customer centricity and how tech & communications companies can become more customer centric. They also threw in a quick take on AI’s increasing importance for customer interactions.

Customer centricity is particularly important for B2B companies because there are two different customers to think about:

  • Your customers – how do you deliver a service for your customers that stands out from the competition?
  • Your customers’ customers – how do you create products and services that enable your customers to deliver better service to their customers?

A Balancing Act

Goodwin says companies need to choose between prioritizing customers or meeting their clients’ KPIs.

Finding companies that have successfully executed this balance is challenging, but DPD from the UK is a standout success. They have proven that adaptation to rapidly changing landscapes is possible. Yet, legacy companies, despite their slower pace, are also showing signs of adaptation.

Beyond Traditional KPIs

When it comes to tracking performance in a customer-centric landscape, Goodwin suggests that traditional KPIs like the Net Promoter Score might not be enough. He encourages businesses to embrace qualitative feedback and emphasize customer interactions, offering a broader understanding of client satisfaction.

The Road to Customer-Centricity

For companies aiming to shift towards customer-centricity, Goodwin offers a straightforward mantra: remember that customers are people first. Empathizing with their needs is the key. Goodwin also advocates for a hands-on approach. Having employees, even those from marketing, spend time in call centers or in roles where they can closely analyze customer interactions can provide invaluable insights.

When asked about the optimal organizational structure to drive customer-centricity, Goodwin endorsed the idea of having a dedicated ‘center of excellence.’ This centralized body should work in collaboration with all departments, ensuring a unified approach towards enhancing the customer experience.

Customer-Centricity: A Timeless Principle

Even as the business landscape has evolved, the principle of maintaining a customer-centric approach remains evergreen. Goodwin notes that while giants like Amazon are lauded for their customer-centricity, no company is immune to losing sight of this core principle. The goal should be to continually refresh this focus, ensuring it remains at the heart of all business decisions.

Embracing AI in Customer Experiences

Goodwin is optimistic about the role of AI and technologies like GPT in transforming customer experiences. He believes these tools should augment human capabilities, not replace them. The potential of AI isn’t just in refining existing systems but in ambitiously crafting new ways to delight customers.

Watch the full interview to learn more about how technology and communications companies can become more customer centric.

CPaaSAA Talks customer centricity with Tom Goodwin


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