For our Q3 Marketing Leader Round Table, we took advantage of having our members in person in Amsterdam. This quarter we had marketing and sales leaders as well as CRO and CEO representation from around the world at the table. We were thankful to have perspectives […]
Day 2 of CASA23 brought us deeper into the trends driving CPaaS to $100B in 2030. Global executives, analysts, and industry insiders discussed the levers of growth that are key for CPaaSAA members: And it wouldn’t be a CPaaS event without a CPaaS Showcase Showdown! Here […]
The first day of CASA23 brought together a slew of industry leaders, all sharing insights, forecasts, and expert analyses about the future of the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) within the telecom industry. Here are the highlights from Day 1. Telco Transformation and Opportunities with […]
Robert Galop recently sat down with Tom Goodwin, the founder of All We Have Is Now, to discuss customer centricity and its impact on technology companies. They talked through the importance of customer centricity and how tech & communications companies can become more customer centric. They […]
CPaaSAA Talks with TelecomsXChange
Robert Galop, of the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance, recently sat down with Ameed Jamous, founder of TelecomsXChange, to dive into the groundbreaking work they are doing to enable the CSPs and CPaaS providers. The Evolution of TelecomsXChange Emerging from the intricate maze of the telecom wholesale industry, […]
Over the last few years, despite the investment in self-service tools and technology to help drive proactive, predictive and pre-emptive service, live, and asynchronous, customer support channels have remained solidly important, especially when a customer’s issue is urgent, concerning or complex. These interactions often carry heightened […]
Junaid Ahmed - Enterprise Business Director Middle East - Global Message Services
A conversation with Junaid Ahmed, Enterprise Business Director Middle East, at CPaaSAA member Global Message Services (GMS). There’s been a lot of gear shifting in the communication industry over the past few years with many of its segments skyrocketing post pandemic and slowing down in 2022. […]
We recently hosted our highly anticipated quarterly CSP roundtable discussion, bringing together thought leaders and industry experts to delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) technology and services. The engaging event saw the participation of several renowned companies, including […]
Expert panel with Frost & Sullivan, IntelePeer,, and GMS
We recently spoke with industry experts about using CPaaS with UCaaS and CCaaS to enhance CX and EX for companies. Our panel covered three key topics for enterprise CX and technology leaders: Keep reading to learn more from four industry experts and CPaaSAA members: Enterprise CPaaS […]
The traditional telecom industry stands at a fascinating crossroads. Driven by digital transformation, many telcos are now innovating and branching out from their traditional roles to adapt to this shifting landscape. In a recent panel discussion hosted by the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance, industry thought leaders discussed […]