With the Cloud Communications industry in an unprecedented time of flux, we’re thrilled and proud to be running our inaugural CPaaS Showcase at the upcoming Cloud Communications Alliance event dedicated to the changes and challenges for the industry! This Showcase will feature a number of CPaaSAA and CCA members presenting and demoing their innovative CPaaS solutions that are impacting enterprises and consumers today and tomorrow, judged by an amazing jury of industry experts,


The inaugural CPaaS Showcase, taking place at the Cloud Connections event on January 16th-18th at the W Hotel in Ft Lauderdale, is open to members of the Communications Cloud Alliance (CCA) and the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA) and will feature live demos of commercially available solutions that can impact your business today. Three top use cases, from Braidio, BroadSource, Radisys and Vonage, have been selected to present at the event, with the winners taking home $15,000 in prizes, including a free CCA membership for 2023 and a CPaaSAA workshop valued at $5,000.

Winners will be selected based on five key criteria: innovation, ease of deployment, number of integrations and/or channels used, commercial relevance, and overall presentation. These categories will be scored on a 5 point scale, with half of the score coming from the audience and the other half coming from a panel of esteemed industry leading jurors:

  • Clark Peterson, Chairman at the Cloud Communications Alliance
  • Kevin Nethercott, Managing Partner at the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance
  • Jordan Rupar, Managing Director at Q Advisors
  • Evan Kirstel, the B2B Techfluencer
  • Michael Tessler, Managing Partner at True North Advisory

There is still time to register for this exciting opportunity to see the latest developments in the CPaaS industry and learn how they can benefit your business. And if you can’t attend in person, be sure to follow CPaaSAA on LinkedIn, Twitter or here, as we will be reporting on the Showcase over the coming weeks!

Stay Ahead of the Curve with CPaaSAA

The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving and it is important not only for businesses to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and revenue-generating applications but for Communication Service Providers (CSP) as well. The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA) is focused on helping CPaaS enablers and CSPs around the world by developing a community of like-minded organizations where information and best practices can be shared to drive next-level business.

A key tool that the CPaaSAA uses to show off the latest innovations in the CPaaS market is their CPaaS Showcase. The Showcase brings together the best of the industry in a competitive environment to show off their successful use cases. The participants are encouraged to also share the commercial framework of their deployments to show how customers can save money and implement better efficiencies.

If you’re a CPaaS platform enabler or CSP, make sure to consider submitting your own use case for future CPaaS Showcases. Stay ahead of the curve and stay competitive in the constantly changing telecommunications industry by participating in the CPaaS Showcase!

Managing Partner at CPaaS Acceleration Alliance | + posts

Kevin provides over 25 years of experience in launching companies and doing business development globally, with 20 years focussed in technology development. The last eight years has been spent leading the digital transformations for global carriers through the development of CPaaS Enablement. Over the years Kevin’s leadership has forged successful strategic relationships with leading companies around the world striking new innovative business models and partnerships.

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