We recently hosted our highly anticipated quarterly CSP roundtable discussion, bringing together thought leaders and industry experts to delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) technology and services. The engaging event saw the participation of several renowned companies, including KPN, Tata Communications, BICS, Nuso, Commio, and NTT Global. Let’s dive into the highlights of this insightful conversation.

CPaaS: Catalyzing Business Transformation

During the roundtable, the attendees shared their perspectives on the immense potential of CPaaS. They shed light on how their respective companies are embracing CPaaS to drive business transformation. The multifaceted benefits of CPaaS were underscored, ranging from bolstering customer engagement to streamlining operational efficiency.

Key to success, as emphasized by the participants, is the exploration of unique use cases that resonate profoundly with customers. They stressed the significance of fostering strategic partnerships and formulating effective go-to-market (G2M) strategies to expand the reach of CPaaS solutions into untapped market segments.

Navigating the Path Forward: Addressing Challenges

Acknowledging that every organization faces its own set of hurdles on the digital transformation journey, the participants discussed the challenges encountered when integrating CPaaS. One major obstacle highlighted was the transition of the legacy channels to selling new CPaaS solutions, exacerbated by the absence of uniform regulations. Also, participants advocated for accommodating the enterprise’s individual pace and requirements.

A crucial topic of discussion revolved around the need for organizations to have a voice in shaping the strategic direction of CPaaS initiatives. Participants expressed concerns about being beholden to the vendor’s roadmap and emphasized the importance of maintaining control over their own destiny. Strategies to motivate existing channels and alleviate internal cannibalization fears were explored, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth.

Educating and Scaling for Success

Educating customers emerged as a common challenge among the participants. They stressed the significance of implementing a cohesive messaging strategy to communicate the value proposition of CPaaS effectively. Furthermore, aligning pricing models and avoiding fragmented solutions were deemed critical steps to facilitate the seamless scaling of CPaaS offerings.

Looking Ahead: Preview of the CPaaS Acceleration Summit (CASA 23)

As the roundtable concluded, participants eagerly discussed the themes and topics to be explored at the upcoming CPaaS Acceleration Summit 2023 18-20 September (CASA 23) in Amsterdam. Learning from success stories through compelling case studies was identified as a valuable focus for the event. Compliance, a crucial aspect of CPaaS, was highlighted as another area to be addressed, particularly considering its industry-specific nuances. The intersection of CPaaS and Telco APIs generated excitement as an emerging topic of interest. Additionally, the potential of integrating CPaaS with the Internet of Things (IoT) sparked curiosity and anticipation.

In Conclusion: A Resounding Success

The June 2023 CSP Roundtable served as an electrifying platform for the exchange of ideas and insights. The collective wisdom and enthusiasm shared by the participants will undoubtedly guide organizations in their CPaaS endeavors, paving the way for transformative success.

We’re looking forward to the next CSP Roundtable which will be in person at the CPaaS Acceleration Summit 2023 (CASA 23; from 18-20 September in Amsterdam) where members and CPaaS enthusiasts will unite to create a memorable event, fueling the advancement of CPaaS excellence together. Let us join forces and make this summit an unforgettable milestone on the path to a bright CPaaS future!


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