In the ever-evolving world of telecommunications, Dutch incumbent telco KPN is a shining example of innovation and forward-thinking. Its journey from the creation of a pioneering API Store to going all-in with Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) demonstrates a committed focus on customer-centric solutions. Now, as a proud member of the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA) and a sponsor of the upcoming CPaaS Acceleration Summit, KPN continues to lead by example, offering a blueprint for other telcos. We asked Erik Rieken, KPN’s Business Lead Cloud Communications, to explain.

KPN’s History and Groundbreaking API Store

KPN has always been a pioneering force in the telecommunication industry. Founded over 100 years ago, it is one of the key players in the telecommunications landscape and has continuously pushed boundaries in innovation.

In 2019, KPN undertook a bold and ambitious project: the KPN API Store. Being the first-of-its-kind, it was more than just an experimental endeavor. It was a radical change in the way KPN and other telcos could provide value to their customers. The API Store provided developers with ready-to-use APIs for a range of services, fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovative solutions, helping KPN position itself as a leader in digitization and enterprise communication.

Current and Future Plans

KPN is now harnessing the potential of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS). The company’s exploration in the API landscape gave it the insights needed to recognize the game-changing potential of CPaaS. As such, KPN is going all-in with Telco APIs and network solutions.

The company is also part of key industry initiatives, including the Open Network API initiative from 3GPP and Project Camara, the GSMA open-source project focused on improving the programmability of the network. These initiatives demonstrate KPN’s commitment to standardization and collaborative innovation, solidifying its position as a forward-thinking player in the CPaaS field.

CPaaS Acceleration Alliance and Summit

KPN’s decision to join the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance and sponsor the upcoming CPaaS Acceleration Summit in Amsterdam comes as no surprise. As a company committed to constant innovation and progress in telecommunications, KPN recognizes the importance of collaborative industry efforts.

By joining the CPaaSAA, KPN aims to contribute to the industry’s growth and development, sharing its wealth of experience and knowledge. Sponsorship of the Summit also underscores KPN’s eagerness to help other telecommunication companies harness the power of CPaaS, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Enterprises.

With their ‘all-in’ approach to CPaaS and network solutions, KPN aims to help customers transform their communication capabilities and keep pace with the evolving digital landscape.

This journey of KPN – from early experimentation to an all-out commitment to CPaaS – is a testament to the power of early adoption and innovation. It’s a learning for other telcos: the path towards growth and innovation lies in embracing new technologies and collaborations. As KPN continues to lead the way, its commitment to assisting customers, SMEs, and large enterprises alike remains steadfast.

Watch Evan Kirstel’s full interview with Erik Rieken below and join KPN and other industry leaders at the CPaaS Acceleration Summit in Amsterdam this September to learn more about the transformative potential of CPaaS and network solutions.

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