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Adnan Saleem, CTO of Software and Cloud Solutions at Radisys, recently provided profound insights at the CPaaS Acceleration Summit (CASA23) on the paradigm shifts reshaping the communication landscape and the emerging opportunities for telcos. Here’s a deeper dive into the core takeaways from his presentation:

1. The Digital Communication Revolution

The world stands on the brink of a digital communication upheaval, with significant industry forces at the helm: programmable networks, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the deployment of 5G public and private networks. These technologies promise to redefine how we communicate, offering immense opportunities beyond basic voice and video calls.

2. The Evolution of CPaaS

Communication Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) has seen remarkable progression. While CPaaS 1.0 was telecom and developer-centric, CPaaS 2.0 expanded its horizons with a focus on enterprise enablement. Currently, in its third phase, CPaaS 3.0 is harnessing the power of omni-channel digital engagements, including chatbots and video. With the convergence of AI, ML, and 5G, the industry is at the brink of entering an even more advanced phase.

3. Challenges Ahead

The promise of advanced digital solutions comes with its set of hurdles:

  • Integration Complexity: Merging multiple technological domains to create holistic solutions remains a challenge.
  • 5G Optimizations: As 5G networks evolve, optimizing communication platforms for them is vital.
  • Skill Gaps: The industry is witnessing a lack of expertise in AI and ML, which might slow down innovation.
  • Security Concerns: The dissemination of media-related content poses potential risks regarding security and privacy.

4. Monetizing Advanced Technologies

Emerging technologies like conversational AI and video analytics hold vast monetization potential. Applications that allow real-time translations during calls or computer vision models that can identify specific events in video streams are examples of innovations that are not just technologically advanced but also economically lucrative.

5. The Future of IMS

Saleem highlighted the game-changing potential of the IMS data channel. This new feature will allow users to engage in tasks like signing documents during voice calls, pointing towards a more integrated future for communication.

6. Conclusion

To truly harness the potential of the ongoing digital communication revolution, the industry needs platforms that offer ease of development and reduce the complexity of integrating AI, ML, and network features. While the journey ahead is filled with challenges, the opportunities are vast and lucrative.

Saleem’s emphasis on thinking beyond traditional voice and text and his advocacy for rapid innovation is not just a call to action for industry players but also a roadmap to a more integrated, efficient, and innovative future for communication.

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Watch Adnan’s full presentation here:

Unveiling the Future of Communication: Adnan Saleem at CASA23 | Digital Revolution Insights


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