For telecom operators already thinking about new offerings with CPaaS and Network APIs, the ongoing challenge remains: How can you refine your offerings to best serve your customers? At the CPaaS Acceleration Summit in Amsterdam, Rashid Aljneibi from e& enterprise provided a wealth of insights that can guide service providers in enhancing their product suite.

Deepening Customer Experience

Rashid emphasized that while having a functional CPaaS solution is a good start, it’s the in-depth, tailored customer experiences that will set providers apart. This means more than just SMS and voice APIs. Providers need to:

  • Fully integrate their solutions, ensuring that they weave smoothly into a customer’s existing CX journey.
  • Offer professional services beyond the product, including consultation, strategy development, and touchpoint analysis.

Solutions for Modern Challenges

The modern customer, be it Gen X or Millennials, expects instant gratification: next-day deliveries, instant replies, and seamless online experiences. Here’s what service providers should consider:

  • Diversified channels that tap into platforms like WhatsApp, email, WebRTC, etc.
  • Solutions that help enterprises bridge the gap between older infrastructures and the demands of today’s digital world.
  • ‘No-code’ or ‘low-code’ solutions that integration easy even for non-tech savvy users.

Empowering SMEs with CPaaS

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) present a vast market potential. Tailoring solutions to their unique needs can be a game-changer:

  • Offer straightforward tools that allow SMEs, like restaurants, to easily digitize their services, from menu uploads to digital payments.
  • Ensure onboarding processes are simplified, and provide education to these businesses about maximizing their CPaaS tools.
  • Address cost concerns by providing scalable solutions that grow with their business.

The Future: Generative AI and More

Rashid gave us a glimpse of what is on the horizon for CPaaS:

  • Generative AI, acting as the brain behind conversational AI, will transform how businesses communicate with their customers.
  • Creating a marketplace for APIs, not just restricted to telecoms but also utilities and governmental services, enabling a plethora of innovative use cases.

In conclusion, while CPaaS is a powerful tool, its potential is only fully realized when tailored to meet the intricate demands of modern businesses and customers. By focusing on deepening customer experiences, addressing current challenges, and looking to the future with innovations like Generative AI, CPaaS providers can truly set themselves apart.

Watch the full presentation from CASA23 here!

CPaaS Success for Operators: Lessons from e& enterprise at CASA23


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