CPaaS Acceleration Alliance telco and CSP members are making the transition from Telco to TechCo.

But they are often slowed by three common challenges as they work to become more agile and responsive to market demands:

  1. Enabling rapid innovation and time-to-market
  2. Offering diverse and customized communication solutions
  3. Optimizing cost and resources

Pankaj Gupta, CEO of EnableX, recently presented a key strategy for telco operators to speed through these three challenges: partnering with CPaaS providers. Drawing insights from his presentation at the CPaaS Acceleration Summit in Amsterdam let’s explore why this partnership might be a game-changer for telcos:

1. Tapping into Ready Infrastructure:

Partnering with CPaaS providers grants telcos immediate access to established platforms and infrastructure. This removes the need for heavy upfront investments and reduces time-to-market for new solutions.

2. Building a Strong Developer Community:

A collaboration with CPaaS providers can offer telcos a ticket into a vibrant developer ecosystem. This ecosystem can create and offer diverse solutions, tailored to different enterprise needs. A richer catalog equates to more opportunities for telcos.

3. Unlocking the Power of Data:

Together, telcos and CPaaS providers can command an impressive data reservoir. With smart tools like AI and CDP, this data can be monetized, revealing untapped revenue streams and fresh market insights.

4. Merging Strengths for Superior Offerings:

Each player brings something unique to the table. While telcos provide vast reach and connectivity, CPaaS providers may bring specialized communication tools. The synergy of their strengths can produce unparalleled solutions for clients.

5. Delivering Comprehensive, Customizable Solutions:

Clients today seek holistic solutions. By joining forces, telcos and CPaaS providers can address a broader spectrum of needs, offering solutions that are both all-encompassing and adaptable.

6. Co-branding and Unified Marketing Initiatives:

Two voices can make a louder echo. With joint marketing and sales campaigns, telcos and CPaaS providers can reach a wider audience and reinforce their market position. Co-branding can amplify their combined reputation and expertise.

7. Leveraging Shared Knowledge:

Partnerships are also knowledge exchanges. Telcos can gain insights from the innovative world of CPaaS, while CPaaS providers can understand the intricacies of large-scale connectivity solutions. This mutual learning can refine strategies and offerings.

8. Collaborative Solutions for Industry Challenges:

The telecom industry faces its share of challenges, from security to regulatory compliances. Collaborating with CPaaS providers can bring diverse expertise to the fore, leading to robust, well-rounded solutions.

As the lines between traditional telecom and digital communication platforms blur, it’s the alliances that will define the next wave of innovation. Telcos partnering with CPaaS providers can position themselves for accelerated growth, swift product launches, and heightened market success. As the saying goes, “Together, we achieve more.” And in the rapidly advancing telecom landscape, this collaboration could be the key to staying ahead.

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Watch the full presentation from CASA23 here:

Unlocking Telco Success with CPaaS Partnerships: Pankaj Gupta from EnableX – Live from CASA23


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