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The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance team had a busy first half of the year. We are working hard for our members and laying the foundation for success in a rapidly evolving industry. Let’s review the impact we’ve already had this year, and talk about our exciting plans for the next few months.

Laying the Foundation

During the first six months of 2023, our main focus was on establishing a solid foundation for the growth of the CPaaS market. This involved various tasks such as building a community, providing support to its members, and helping share their stories. This foundation has cemented itself with a series of initiatives that facilitate knowledge sharing and mutual growth.

Building Awareness

Over the past 6 months we published:

  • 45 blog posts featuring our members, industry trends, and thought leadership content
  • 1,145 minutes of expert video content, including 47 member appearances

And we ran multiple interactive events including:

  • 2 CPaaS showcase challenges featuring our members
  • 2 CSP insider round tables
  • 31 expert panels

This content has been distributed to over 450K decision makers across various social media platforms including YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

All CPaaSAA members have access to this content for use in their sales enablement and marketing efforts.

Expanding Knowledge

We also shared CPaaS trends and insights from industry experts including S&P Global, Frost & Sullivan, Arthur D Little, and STL Partners.

Perhaps most notably, we released our inaugural “State of CPaaS” report. The report examines key factors propelling the CPaaS industry’s growth to USD 100B by 2030. These factors include market trends, new technologies, new sales channels, and new use cases. Metrigy, Frost & Sullivan, Gartner, STL Partners, and Q Advisors contributed their expertise to this report.

The press release accompanying the report included our early Accelerate and Grow members, and reached a wide global audience. Top-tier outlets including Bloomberg, Associated Press, Business Insider, and International Business Times published our release. In total 569 global publications picked it up, reaching 594M readers globally.

Creating Connections

Our team represented the CPaaS industry with expert sessions and meetings at 11 global events:

  • Enterprise Connect
  • MWC
  • IT Expo
  • ITW
  • ROCCO Genesis
  • Five9 CX Summit
  • Gitex Africa
  • Channel Partners Conference
  • CCA Cloud Connections
  • GCCM Europe
  • SmartCom Summit

We also made connections between CPaaS enablers, communications platforms, service providers, and telcos. Through our combined connections and activities, we facilitated numerous commercial connections among our members.

Looking forward: Building on momentum

Having laid a solid foundation, we now turn our sights to the future. Our focus will be helping our members grow their business and moving the market forward.

Here is what our members can look forward to in the second half of 2023:

Events and Expert Sessions

  • Attend and sponsor the first-ever global CPaaS event September 18-20: The 2023 CPaaS Acceleration Summit in Amsterdam
  • Participate in three global CPaaS Showcase Challenges
  • Be part of expert sessions and meetings at global events including BATIC 2023, UCX USA, MWC Las Vegas, UCX London, Crexendo UGM, Gitex, Kazoocon, and the Channel Futures Leadership Summit

Sharing Knowledge and Building Expertise

We are furthering thought leadership and innovation through working groups, focusing on five key market growth drivers:

  • Selling to SMEs
  • Extending UC and CC with CPaaS
  • Leveraging AI in communications
  • Teleco API standardization
  • The future of messaging

Supporting Strategy and Business Success

  • We are holding regular strategy and expertise check-ins with our accelerate and growth members.
  • We are fostering connections and shared success with two CSP Roundtables and two TSP Roundtables

The coming months promise exciting growth and innovation for the CPaaS community. We invite you, the industry leaders and pioneers, to join us on this journey. The CPaaS wave is only gaining momentum, and there’s no better time to tap into the potential of this market. Let’s redefine the future of communications, together.

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Robert has spent over 25 years using technology to solve operations challenges, improve employee experience, and create winning customer experiences. As CMO and head of product at IntelePeer, he pioneered the expansion of CPaaS beyond developers and into the enterprise with no-code/low-code automation, integrated AI, and off-the-shelf campaign and analytics tools. Robert loves creating new things and is always asking big "what if" and "what's next" questions. Today he is working with technology and communications providers to expand their offerings, effectively reach new buyers, and create value for customers and shareholders alike.


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