CPaaSAA Talks with TelecomsXChange

Robert Galop, of the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance, recently sat down with Ameed Jamous, founder of TelecomsXChange, to dive into the groundbreaking work they are doing to enable the CSPs and CPaaS providers.

The Evolution of TelecomsXChange

Emerging from the intricate maze of the telecom wholesale industry, TelecomsXChange started as an open exchange platform. But with strategic pivots, the company has transformed into a purely software-based entity. Their primary goal? To facilitate Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in their wholesale digital transition, encompassing areas like voice messaging, IoT, and numbers.

Addressing Industry Pain Points

One of the most significant challenges in the telecom domain is the prolonged time businesses must invest in securing telecom access. Previously, businesses were content with localized telecom access. But the globalized world now demands global access, pushing businesses to navigate complicated interconnectivity landscapes.

TelecomsXChange offers a digital bridge, simplifying the process of interconnecting and enabling CSPs to onboard customers and suppliers effortlessly, even internationally. This is especially vital for businesses like banks, which may face hurdles while expanding their telecom operations globally.

The International Expansion Challenge

Expanding internationally is no easy task. Diverse regulations, technology standards, and network infrastructures add layers of complexity. Moreover, the lack of industry standardization (except for interconnection) amplifies these challenges. TelecomsXChange’s solution? Offering a uniform, intuitive interface, enabling seamless interconnectivity across borders.

Furthermore, the platform removes hurdles like contract negotiation, rate card management, and compliance with varying regional regulations. Ameed emphasizes the democratization of international network access as a central goal for TelecomsXChange.

Success Stories

Telin, a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, serves as a testament to TelecomsXChange’s transformative potential. Previously, interconnecting with partners was a weeks- or even months-long process for Telin. With TelecomsXChange’s intervention, this was slashed to mere minutes. The platform also facilitated a thriving community around Telin, bringing together around 300 operators, thereby revolutionizing telecom access in the region.

A Visionary Roadmap

Looking forward, AI holds the key for TelecomsXChange. The company aims to weave AI-driven analytics across the spectrum of the wholesale business, facilitating intelligent decision-making. Ameed envisions a future where businesses can create omnichannel telecom apps simply through voice prompts, streamlining the entire app-building process.

Robert aptly summarized the potential of TelecomsXChange: “If you think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that you’re spending today on telecom international telecom management…Sounds like with TelecomsXChange, you can take all that money that you’re spending today on those things and deploy it elsewhere within your business.”

Closing Thoughts

The entry of TelecomsXChange into the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance is undoubtedly exciting for telecom operations executives. As the Alliance continues to foster innovation and drive change, platforms like TelecomsXChange will be at the forefront, simplifying, streamlining, and revolutionizing the telecom sector.

CPaaSAA Talks with TelecomsXChange: Revolutionizing Telecom Connectivity with AI and Automation

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Robert has spent over 25 years using technology to solve operations challenges, improve employee experience, and create winning customer experiences. As CMO and head of product at IntelePeer, he pioneered the expansion of CPaaS beyond developers and into the enterprise with no-code/low-code automation, integrated AI, and off-the-shelf campaign and analytics tools. Robert loves creating new things and is always asking big "what if" and "what's next" questions. Today he is working with technology and communications providers to expand their offerings, effectively reach new buyers, and create value for customers and shareholders alike.


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