Listen to Evan Kirstel and our Managing Partner Kevin Nethercott talk about the history of CPaaS and why CSPs (telcos, carriers, operators) are coming on board now. As enterprises embrace CPaaS to enable their digital transformation and CSPs are starting to offer carrier grade platforms, the […]
CPaaS represents a significant disruption to the Telco industry as we know it today. A massive 40% annual growth opportunity now exists growing from $11B in 2020 to a forecasted amount of more than $25B. Gartner expects that 50% of all companies around the globe will […]
The time has come for CSPs to seriously embrace CPaaS as a way to monetize their network infrastructure and add value for their enterprise customer base! CPaaSAA connects CPaaS enablers and CSPs, both online and offline, for learnings and connections. We will also carry out annual […]