The time has come for CSPs to seriously embrace CPaaS as a way to monetize their network infrastructure and add value for their enterprise customer base! CPaaSAA connects CPaaS enablers and CSPs, both online and offline, for learnings and connections. We will also carry out annual surveys and publish “State of CPaaS” reports for our members.

Our first meetup is scheduled in Barcelona during MWC 2020. Please contact us to get onboard now or alternatively become a CPaaSAA member or sponsor!

Founding Partners

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Over the past 30 years Rob (co-)founded various tech companies, including one of the leading Dutch hosted voice providers (before hosted voice became the new normal). Today, he works with telcos/CSPs and some of the world’s leading technology providers on innovation and growth, especially in the rapidly changing world of cloud communications and CPaaS. Rob has this crazy belief that the strengths of corporates and innovators should be combined in new ecosystems to create optimal customer experience, new business models and solutions for some of today’s big problems.


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