In an engaging interview, Evan Kirstel spoke with two industry leaders, Dawn-Marie Elder from SIPPIO and Philipp Beck from Luware, about their experiences with Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) strategies and their shared participation in the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance. Their discussion offered valuable insights for vendors and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) looking to navigate this dynamic market.

Accelerating Growth through CPaaS

Dawn-Marie Elder and Philipp Beck have both recognized CPaaS as an integral part of their companies’ growth strategies. Elder, SIPPIO’s GM and COO, emphasized the transformational shift of voice services, noting its rapid evolution from a standalone phone system to a feature of collaboration. Beck, CEO of Luware, mirrored this sentiment, stating that CPaaS presents an opportunity to address common problems, delve into uncharted topics, and streamline communications. The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance serves as a conduit to these ends, helping companies like SIPPIO and Luware navigate the future of communications.

Overcoming Challenges in the CPaaS Landscape

As with any technological transition, shifting to CPaaS isn’t without its challenges. Both Elder and Beck highlighted the need for a strategic approach to integrating various tools into their respective platforms. The adoption of Microsoft and Azure technologies has been crucial in overcoming these hurdles, as they provide continuous updates and improvements that empower the acceleration and enhancement of communication services.

In particular, the Azure Communication Services (ACS) platform has proven instrumental in supporting CPaaS implementations. Despite being relatively new to the scene, ACS’s consistent updates and technical robustness have attracted praise from both Elder and Beck, who note that it has been a ‘game changer’ for their operations.

Unleashing Opportunities in the Market

Both SIPPIO and Luware have harnessed CPaaS to unlock significant market opportunities. By integrating voice services into the world of collaboration, SIPPIO has been able to build a healthy revenue practice around it. Simultaneously, Luware has strived to bring all communication tools together into a single, cohesive Microsoft UC stack. The resulting enhancement of collaboration and communication has made their solutions attractive to a wide range of industries and verticals.

Elder and Beck also anticipate further evolution in the communication sector. The advent of AI, in particular, is expected to play a pivotal role in communications, providing a means to handle and analyze large volumes of voice data, and thus, transforming it into a valuable asset.

The Benefits of Joining the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance

For both Elder and Beck, joining the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance represented an opportunity to share experiences, learn from other industry leaders, and collaboratively shape the future of real-time communications platforms. The Alliance’s focus on accelerating growth and adoption aligns with their own aspirations, and they see it as a potent forum for driving innovation in the communication ecosystem.


The experiences of SIPPIO and Luware offer valuable insights for vendors and CSPs navigating the dynamic CPaaS market. By adopting CPaaS strategies, embracing technologies like Microsoft Azure, and joining supportive communities like the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance, companies can overcome challenges, seize market opportunities, and play a role in shaping the future of real-time communications platforms. To learn more, watch the full video below.

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