The great CPaaS bakeoff, cookoff, showcase is done. Recently, the leadership of the cloud communications community converged on Fort Lauderdale, where the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance hosted a special CPaaS Showcase as a part of the CCA Cloud Connections 2023 event. The overall winner of the event […]
Cloud Communications at a Crossroads “How are you going to navigate these waters ahead, is a critical question right now,” says Clark Peterson, Chairman of the Cloud Communications Alliance. In this podcast, Kevin Nethercott, Managing Partner of the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance joins Peterson as we discuss […]
Just prior to last week’s CCA/CCS US event, our Managing Partner Kevin Nethercott talked about his background in CPaaS and the importance for the industry, and how the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance is bringing vendors, providers and CSPs together to accelerate adoption and successful deployments.