In this podcast Haydn Faltyn, BroadSource CEO, talks to Doug Green, Telecom Reseller, and Kevin Nethercott, Managing Partner, CPaaS Acceleration Alliance (CPaaSAA), about EMU SecureCall, which he demonstrated at the first ever CPaaS Showcase.

We are proud to announce that BroadSource was the inaugural CPaaS Showcase winner at Cloud Connections 2023. Judged by five industry leaders and the audience, contestants competed in an entertaining and insightful hour. Winners were judged based on innovation, ease of deployment, number of integrations and/or channels used and commercial relevance.

EMU SecureCall is a CPaaS application for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and card payment industries. SecureCall’s CPaaS Cloud integration can bring together UCaaS and card payment networks to facilitate secure payments by phone. API integration enables a business to secure the phone call between a customer and a merchant before the card payment can be made.

“Only a CPaaS based solution can achieve the level of connectivity required to secure card payments by phone economically, at scale, across thousands of CSPs and banking environments. A mass market problem, now has a solution.“ said Jason Thals, BroadSource COO.

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