Recently, Kevin Nethercott had the privilege of sitting down with Jeff Pulver and Rich Tehrani for a conversation ahead of the ITEXPO conference. Both Jeff and Rich are industry veterans, having been at the forefront of the telecommunications industry for many years.

During their chat, they discussed the origins of VoIP, including the early days of VON (Voice on the Net), and how the industry has evolved over the years. They talked about the importance of customer experience (CX) and how it has become a key factor in the success of any business. With the rise of new technologies such as ChatGPT and blockchain, they explored how they are transforming the way we communicate and engage with customers.

They also took a quick look at the upcoming CPaaS Showcase Challenge, which will feature the latest innovations in the CPaaS space. We are excited to be partnering with Rich on this event and thank Jeff for his involvement as a judge.


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